NO Response on Serial Port of Wiz107SR

i have purchased Wiz107SR a month ago
i connected it to the PC through Hub and did its network configuration through configuration tool , IP , GW , DNS , also updated firmware to 4.06 also performed HW_triger and rest and send the software code 2b 2b 2b to start ATCommand with debug message :enabled, everything seems to be great
as showan in the screenshots

but when sending any command on hercules it respond with the debug message only … no response to the command itself
what could be the problem ?


Refer to below link (wiz107sr user’s manual) … _V171E.pdf

There is “command form” in wiz107sr.
That is refer to upper link. And refer to 3.Serial Configuration section.

You must be attach the tail command. (ex. \r\n)

So, You must be translate “\r\n”. it is translate hex. ex)LI$0d$0a (LI\r\n)

Thank you

i did that but no response
any other additional information on the serial port ?


See the setting ‘Character(C)’ in “Serial data packing condition settings”.

You was setting to 0A. It is Line feed.

So, you must be attach tail command in trans data 0A($0A).

Don’t send \r\n.\r(carrage return) \n (line feed) → Send it $0d$0a.

Thank you

Hello Edward. If we want change ip address and transmit it in hex serially. So for LI192.168\r\n to transmit in hex is 4C49$31$39$32$2E$31$36$38$0d$0a ?

Hi… normally I am working with Atmel Xmega controllers, but as soon as i discovered the ESP32 I fell in love with it !| . So here I am, trying to understand FreeRtos and the ESP-IDF API. After reading the FreeRtos Tutorial, I am currently trying to get the hardware timers to work. At the moment everything works fine, as long as I am using 1 Timer out of 1 group. When I try to use both timers, some weird things are happening (stuck in Interrupt?)