is it working?

I’m trying to use the WIZ107SR for an embedded device with a serial port, to connect to an Ethernet host (like most posters here). I have connected the module to a WIN10 pc and another pc using a terminal emulator. After some missteps I have gotten the config program to locate the module, and was able to set the serial port baud rate and escape sequence (to ‘+++’). The serial command mode works, and as mentioned the configurator works. I thought that I could launch Firefox and type in and start sending/receiving to the other end’s serial port, but it’s not happening (I’m obviously not adept at TCP/IP). So how can I transfer data? How can I type in serial data at one end and see it at the other?
For reference the module is 4.06. I configured the module for TCP client. The power light and green jack lights are on solid, the yellow jack light blinks 4 times about every 3 seconds, so something is going on. Firewall is off. I can’t figure what to put in the “Remote host/IP” line, every time I try to find a IP address on the win10 machine (using ipconfig /a) I get a different IPV4 address. I assume this line is for the IP address of the remote host, as titled. If this question is too basic for this forum please direct me to the appropriate place if possible. Do I need the Hercules tool mentioned elsewhere?

Hi, hsieber,

The easiest way to verify the working of Serial to Ethernet is to prepare two terminal programs - TCP server and a serial terminal such as Hercules program - to connect to each module and then transfer data in both directions.

Below ‘getting started guide’ link will help you.
WIZ750SR is a 1-port Serial to Ethernet product almost similar to WIZ107SR.