Lost Configuration Access To WizFi630 Module

Not sure if anyone else has experienced this. We’re having modules that completely reset themselves back to what looks like factory default for no reason. Also, we’ve seen where access to the configuration page at is no longer available. Can anyone expound on this a little bit? Maybe how to recover from those situations as well as what might be causing the problem. Thanks.

Dear jkellar

That may or may not be factory default, I think that It did not change factory default.
Because, If it is set factory default, It’s IP Address is But you can’t access to this address.

For connecting configuration web page of WizFi630, You have to know it’s IP Address.
This is method for finding WizFi630’s IP address.

  1. Using Wizard Tool
  • I attached Wizard tool in this post. Firstly, you have to connect LAN cable between WizFi630 and your PC.
    And then, start Wizard tool and click the find button. If it is success, you can find WizFi630’s IP address in this tool.
  1. Using AT Command
  • connect serial cable between WizFi630 and your PC. And then If you input command using terminal program as “Hyper Terminal”, WizFi630 return it’s IP address to your terminal program.

  • If you want to set factory default, you can use command. It is WizFi630’s factory default command.

Thank you

input command
Wizard.zip (57.7 KB)