WiZFi630 / 630 problem

Namely, I have a module WizFi630 from WIZNET company, driven by a microcontroller
through UART, which probably by improper setting has been seized. Although it
generates a signal (it is working in Access Point mode) and I connect by the laptop
to the wireless network, when I trying to open the address, I
can not open the module menu and there is no connection. The same happens when I
connect the module be Ethernet with my laptop. Is it possible to reset the unit to
factory settings, and how to do it ? Where can I get information on that issue?

I have one more problem with the module WizFi630A. When connect to it and set up the
link (with address it provide me an access to OpenWrt menu, but
I can not open it and set up the UART connection.
When I connect the module working with a microcontroller using an Ethernet cable and
I trying to connect with adress usin web browser, the menu is not
acessible. What am I doing wrong? Or where can I get the information I need?.."

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I will send you guidance document about WizFi630 to your registered e-mail.
I suppose it can be helpful to your problem.

Thanks, regards.