Some informations about W5500


I’m quite new with Ethernet controller and I want to use a Wiz550io.

I have a board which have some data to transmit. I want to send them to the Wiz550io with SPI protocol.

Is there a way my Wiz550io can communicate directly with a PC or smth? If yes, which ethernet protocol should I use?

Do you intend to control the WIZ550io (this is not include MCU) with the board you said?
Then it is possible.

To communicate directly with the PC, you can use the protocol that is provided in the PC.
Typically, it uses TCP or UDP.

Please refer to the code in the link below as a reference for your code implementation.

Thanks for the tip !

I’ll use a FPGA to configure the chip, I hope I’ll still find some useful informations about the chip in the code :slight_smile:

Thanks again,


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