forcing client disconnection from WIZ107sr serial commands

set WIZ107SR as TCP SERVER, is it possible to force the disconnection of the client by sending serial commands, so that a new client can connect?


Hi, @tecnico_2emme.

You can terminate an existing TCP connection by entering the serial command mode!

Please send the 3-bytes command to our module to enter the serial command mode and, immediately exit the command mode with the ‘EX\r\n’ command.
(‘\r\n’ means CR and LF :slight_smile: )

Please take caution of the following when using Trigger code.

  • It can only be recognized as switch code if there is a time gap of at least 500ms of no data communication time before and after the 3-byte command mode switch.

  • The time interval for each byte of the 3-byte command mode switch code has to be at most 500ms.
    Do not end the command mode switch code10) with CR or LF.

  • The default interval of the time gap before and after the command mode switch code is 500ms. The operation is based on the timer value of the serial data packaging option.