Wiz107SR From Server to Serial Problem

i have Wiz107SR Module , i did all the configuration and tested it as client and the bridge from Ethernet to Serial and from serial to Ethernet is working well
but when i configured the module as A SERVER and the PC as A CLIENT the problem is the data pass from the PC to the Ethernet well but the module itself doesn’t pass the data to the Serial and also when sending data from serial nothing received at the Ethernet

is the module doesn’t perform the bridge function when it works as a server ? or what could be the problem ?


Hi, Mustafa.

The S2E module should be able to perform data transmission either in client mode or in server mode.
Do you have extra WIZ107SR modules and other PC environments that you can test?

I would recommend additional testing using different environments and modules. And I want you to let me know your test results. When you posting the results, please attach capture image of configuration tool settings and packet capture using Wireshark program to this post.

I have 2 Wiz107SR Modules i tried them all with different enviroments ( stand alone local network by switch ) and also directly from PC to the module but nothing worked
it was working before but now i don’t know what is the problem
here the configuration for the network and the serial from configuration tool

Sorry i didn’t get the point
what do you mean exactly ?

Hi, Mustafa.

What are the differences from the time when the product worked well?
I guess(In the case of yours, it is difficult to find the cause of the problem), your problem caused about the operating system changed and firewall / anti-virus programs have blocked the port number, or the firmware may not be correct. Are you using the latest official firmware (v4.06)?

it is a short period of time
around 3 months
nothing changed , if there is any change how it can be able to pass the data as a client and can’t pass the data as a server , if any changes occur it won’t be able to pass the data as a client and a server !