Rong name for w5100 chip


I have some ethernet boards with w5100 and all displayng different names wen connected to network . Instead of Wznet they have name of some companys . How can I change that ?
Thank you

MAC Address

I don’t know what you ask.
What you mean the name? If you say as above 24bit of MAC address, you register your vender id at the below.


Thank you for reply . I mean the name that can you see next to the IP address after a IP network scan , like in the attached image. With Arduino generated firmware the name is not present but when I use Flowcode to compile the firmware ,the name is present.


I figured out where the problem was. The first three bytes of the MAC address is the OUI (Organizationally Unique Identifier)​​. Because I change the first three bits instead of changing the last three, found all sorts of weird names when scanning IP addresses. For Wiznet the address should be 00:08:DC:xx:xx:xx .


Glad to solve the problem.


Note that avoid to the reserved MAC address when you set mac to temporarily address for testing.
I recommend that 01-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX do not used because no comunication through WAN.

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