Write error to change ip address for wiz107sr

Hello . Trying to change ip address for wiz107sr but got error feedback ? Attached is serial terminal and logic analyzer captured sent serial for "LI192.168.11.8 " and in hex → “4C493139322E3136382E31312E380D0A”.

Hi, @NewUser.
I’m sorry for the late reply.

First, please let me know which firmware version you are using and detail test procedure for setting IP address. (program information, used command, etc)

Thank you.

Hello rena. the firmware version for wiz107sr is 4.06. We use FPGA with 8051 hdl core with peripheral design. Writing 8051 C code firmware to use uart to program cmd “LI\r\n” (4C490D0A in hex) to serial wiz107sr. Use logic analyzer to capture wiz107sr pin 3 “RXD” and pin 7 “TXD” serial communication. FPGA uart TXD sent “4C490D0A” to wiz107sr RXD pin. From logic analyzer could see log debug cmd respond given by wiz107sr TXD to FPGA uart RXD.

Hi, Please check the following.

  1. Is the device operating in serial command mode? (status: ATMODE)
  2. If only “LI\r\n” is sended without parameters, is there any response?

Hello rena. (1) Initial power-up/startup the device status is open. (2) Sent “LI\r\n” only , got two respond cmd :=> (a) LGWIZ107SR:VER4:06:STARTED1310 (b) LGHWSWITCHOKLGMAC:00.08.DC.53.2B.C8LGGW:
LGSEGCP:TCP:STARTED1310LGSEGCP:UDP:STARTED1310 . Later check , status became ATMODE.

Below snapshot logic analyzer captured :

As shown in the manual, if you send the ‘LI’ command to the device, it will respond with LI+IP information. for example, “LI192.168.11.2”.

Like below image.
(‘$0d$0a’ is ‘\r\n’)

Did you test the device with other test programs?
If not, you should check the device operation with the test program first.

The program can be downloaded from the link below.

Thank you.