Unable send serial data through Uart pins in w750

I am trying to send data through the UART pins D0 and D1 in a W7500 board but unable to do so. I’m sending to Wzlora 100. Is there any other way to use pins for serial communication other than the default pins.

Did you use the WIZwikiW7500 board? or not

First, Can you check, if the UART communication is properly implemented on the W7500 board?
It is recommended to connect with PC.

And, Can you check this?

In order to operate UART communication normally, RX pin and TX pin must be crossed.

  • WIZwikiW7500: RX Pin(D0) - Connection - Peers: TX Pin.
  • WIZwikiW7500: TX Pin(D1) - Connection - Peers: RX Pin.

And you can find example source:
-Github: W7500/W7500x_Library_Examples/Projects/Peripheral_Examples/UART/Printf at master · Wiznet/W7500 · GitHub

-mbed: Uart_Printf_HelloWorld_WIZwiki-W7500 - Use Uart | Mbed

Yes I checked my UART pins in W7500 it works fine.And also works with a serial monitor. And They are connected TX-RX ,RX-TX. Any suggestion to define other pins for UART communication…(Other than default pins)

UART Communication must set same baudrate, bits, parity, stop bit each device.
Can you check this?