Problem data communication on command mode

Dear Wiznet support,

I am currently attempting to use WizFi310 to communicate using the command mode.
wifi wifi rs232
this configure example: my phone <-----> my router <----> WizFi310<-----> PC monitor

I send 11bytes periodic per 2seconds on my phone.
But It send collected data sometimes

example data:
// OK normal data (11bytes)
{1,,58458,11}012345 €?q
{1,,58458,11}012345 €?q
{1,,58458,11}012345 €?q
// collected data (121bytes)
{1,,58458,121}012345 €?q012345 €?q012345 €?q012345 €?q012345 €?q012345 €?q012345 €?q012345 €?q012345 €?q012345 €?q012345 €?q
{1,,58458,11}012345 €?q
{1,,58458,11}012345 €?q
{1,,58458,11}012345 €?q

I want know cause and repair it, Please.

many thanks for your assistance

all the best

Mr. jslee