Switch between data and command mode repeatedly

Hi all friends,
We are using the WIZFI220 with latest firmware in SPI mode communication. For our application we need to switch between data and command mode repeatedly. We configure the module in Limited AP mode and it is in data mode at the beginning. In this mode it works correctly. After it, we change the mode to command by using “+++” or hardware pin GPIO29. At the first transition there isn’t any problem in command mode and data is sent correctly. But when we transit from command mode to data mode again (by using ATO command or hardware GPIO29 Pin), nothing is transmitted between WIZFI220 and client. It seems that after changing mode from command to data, all setting must be done again.

hi mohsen,

Why don’t you check GPIO31 pin (Data mode/Command mode status indicator) before data translation?
You can monitor this pin to know which mode is now.

GPIO is LOW, Data mode.
GPIO is HIGH, Command mode.