W5500 Configuration Tool

Hi all,
I want to set the IP address and Gateway of w5500 via LAN.

Can I get configuration tool from wiznet or we have to develop our own?

If we have to develop our own configuration tool, please provide necessary information to develop at our end.

Configuration tool is called DHCP. The respective application note and maybe even code available on the WIZnet website.

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Hi~ Century
We supports the configuration tool for W5500S2E-S1(Serial to Ethernet module).
Link : W5500S2E in wikipage
This site included User manual document and Configuration Tool.
I think you refer the above link.


Hi, irina

We are using only W5500 chip and communicating by SPI protocol through our texas chip.
I downloaded the .exe file and using, the W5500 chip is not identified by the config tool.

I’d say that that’s because if you only use the chip directly connected to your MCU, either your application has to configure the W5500 via SPI (e. g. using the C driver) or you need to use DHCP as Eugeny suggested, then it will receive its IP settings from a DHCP server (e. g. your router) like any other LAN device

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