Config Tool


Hi, this is me again haha :smiley:

Why the Analog I/O Status in config tool is black??
I have to block the text to read the data, it’s so annoying. :frowning:
But it still can reads and writes data to the module. Here is the screenshot.


I checked the configuration tools and I saw the same as you said.
The tools have display bug - black backgroud & black text.

We will modify and uploading it ASAP.

Thank you.


i checked your problem.

maybe your computer’s OS is Windows 7, not Windows XP.

i think it is Config tool’s some bug on Windows 7.

as soon as realized the problem, updated Config tool.

check again WIZnet’s homepages and install new version(v1.1.2)


thank youuu :smiley:
it works on Win 8.1