How does RTR affect page loading time?

I connect w5300 with stm32 on FSMC.

When I set RTR = 1000 the page is loaded 122 mc, but CSS and JS do not have time to boot.

When I set RTR = 100, the page loads in 30 ms and I have time to load the CSS and JS, but after 2-5 update of the page the server crashes. From the register getSn_SR, the wrong values 0x10 or 0x22(udp) are read, although the socket is opened in TCP mode. What could it be?


Your explanation is too short.
Add a description of what target you are communicating with, who the server is and what action you want to perform.

RTR is the Retransmission Time value. If a response is not received after transmitting the packet, retransmission interval is set. I do not know what you mean page loading.

Thanks for the reply, I doing the web server on wiznet Http using loopback_tcps from W5500_EVB/loopback.c at master · Wiznet/W5500_EVB · GitHub
and my Http parser.
“If the response is not received, the retransmission interval is set.”
Yes, I understand this, but I can not understand how it affects the connection time of the browser with the web server, and, accordingly, the speed of opening the web page.
About the fact that getSn_SR = 0x10, I found it to be related to errartum 1, but why it works is also not clear, although I use the library where it is fixed.


I think it will be faster to see the packet.
Capture the packet with wireshark and attach it here or email

I checked you mail.

First, I think the HTTP code you wrote is incommon.
Compare the HTTP code we’ve written
If you send me the firmware, I’ll check it out.