Get/Set Inactivity Time by commands

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
I’m trying to control TimeOut by getting and/or setting it in a WIZ6000. I found on the manual (this one … _V110E.pdf) some serial commands that can control Inactivity Time, but I want to control it using Ethernet or WiFi, not the serial connection.
Anyway I’ve try to get Inactivity Time using or through Ethernet, but it didn’t work.
I’m not really sure if I did it well or maybe the problem is that I can’t get/set Inactivity Time using Ethernet.
Someone knows what’s the correct way to get/set Inactivity Time? Will it work using Ethernet or WiFi connection?

Thanks! ^^

As far as i know, AT commands as and doesn’t support on ethernet.
For using ethernet, It support with Webserver or Configuration Tools.

I maybe have misunderstand it wrong.
Anyone who know how to control, post it plz.
Thank you.

Nobody else knows how to control it? :confused:

Anyway, thanks for your answer midnightcow :slight_smile:

As midnightcow told, there are two ways to get/set .

  1. AT command() via serial
  2. Web configuration via network(Ethrnet or WiFi)

And you can’t issue AT Command via network.