Cant get NTP time stamp with command <QM>

Hi guys

By now im using a serial program (Docklight) to comunicate with the WizFi630, but i send the command and cant get time stamp what i get is this
05/02/2014 20:47:52.997 [TX] -
05/02/2014 20:47:53.011 [RX] - <S0_0_0_0_0_0>

I connect to the wizfi and sync with host and the time is ok, but by serial i cant get it.


Hello Lexxus

Did WizFi630 connect to the internet?

If you issue want to use command, WizFi630 should connect to the NTP Server.

Recv) <>
Recv) <S2014_2_10_8_0_36>