W360 information


please, may i have some information about your new W360 module ?

1/ it seem that it include an ESP8266 chip and the AT firmware.
is the the official Esspressif version or do you customize it ?
do you provide full support on this version in case of bugs are discovered ?

2/ what is the price by 10 and 100 parts for W310-CON version ?
3/ date of availability ?

thanks, regards

No, not ESP chipset.

Yes, our F/W is a customized one and we can support for fixing, updating it.

Not yet fixed. Around Sep., we could release our sample price on our online shop & our distributors.

maybe, you can buy samples around Sep.


nothing available right now ??..
but library for ARMmbed are available since 5 months !!!

and that say that the W360 is an ESP12 … so an ESP chip

if we compare the AT commands list, she’s realy identical to the AT Espressif commands list !!

can you message me in private the price for 2 engineering samples ?


Sorry for late, but we’ve prepared ESP-compatible SDK & CE/FCC Certi for last 5 months.
For the AT commands list, you know, ESP has a large fan in embedded device area, so we’re trying to support “AT Espressif commands list”.

not fixed, but for sample price, around $3.3 each