W5500 Custom board design problems

Hi, I’ve designed custom board with W5500 and ATmega328. I’m running standard sketch with Ethernet library, which is giving me the Ethernet cable is not connected error. Whilst it all looks fine, maybe I’m missing something. Here are the schematic and PCB layout.

Dear @Ermin_Podrug

Sorry for the late reply.

Your schematic is wrong. Please refer to the schematic below.


But this circuit is something we haven’t verified.

We recommend separating the RCT from the TCT.

The circuit we verified is at the top of the same page.

Thank you.

Dear @Scott

Thank you for your reply.

I’ve reconnected the board to match the schematic that you provided and I still get the same error. It seems that the SI-52008-F MagJack is not compatible with W5500, I’ll try another MagJack, do you have some recommendation for a jack that have passive PoE and it is suitable with W5500? Looking forward to your response.