What is the DNS caching time for W7500S2E-R1 module?

I am using W7500S2E-R1 module.

  1. What is the DNS caching time if i enable DNS in module (AT+DNSEN=1) ?
  2. When would exactly the DNS is resolved in the module (provided the domain name is already set), is it after exiting command code (AT+EXIT) or before that?



Thank you for your questions.

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For your questions, please refer the information below.

  1. The DNS caching time will be saved until you reset the module.
    If you used AT+SAVE or AT+EXIT, it will save the setting permanently.

  2. AT+EXIT is the command to save your settings during AT command mode and start the communication with the device (that you had set during the AT command mode).
    Thus, the DNS is set after the AT+EXIT command.

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