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DNS connection not working in W7500S2E-R1 module


I am using the wiznet W7500S2E-R1 module. I found an extreme case in wiznet, when module is been powered on after a long gap (let say 1 day), factory reset and try to connect with DNS enabled at the first attempt to make a connection, the connection will be unsuccessful.

After factory reset, I input the following AT commands,


After AT+EXIT, i expect the module attempt to connect to the domain - mi-office.com, which is not happening. I attached the screenshot & Wireshark log here.

Windows-WizDNS-1st-Attempt-AfterFactoryReset-1.zip (653 Bytes)

But, later when i reset the module and again going to data mode is making a successful connection. Attached the screenshot & Wireshark log here.

Windows-WizDNS-2nd-Attempt-AfterFactoryReset-2 .zip (4.2 KB)

Also whenever I try to use the DNS feature (AT+DNSEN=1), more often the connections are failing. Whereas when I connect the IP without using DNS enabled, I never get a failure in connections.


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