getting started by Wiz610MJ

Is there any configuration tool for Wiz610MJ module? or any tutorial using Arduino to setup Wiz610MJ? I need to send ‘hello word’ using SPI connection from my Arduino to Wiz610MJ. Then receive it over TCP/IP by my laptop. any configuration tool?


Please refer to this document.
There is no configuration tool for the w6100.

Hi Thank you for your reply,
Actually I have followed the structure you sent, unfortunately still have problem. When I run Chat server example in Arduino IDE, Wiz610MJ module could not get correct IP ,it shows: 09:50:58.689 → Chat server address: I have checked SPI connections but still same problem :frowning:

I think there is a problem with your SPI.
Please tell me the hardware environment and Arduino Code.

Actually, I am using arduino uno library which in introduced in the PDF file that you sent me.
I have tested the chat server example (also more examples) but module can not get IP. attached files show my setup and diagrams of connections.