Wiz107sr and dns

if I have a wiz107sr board connected in the field to a certain ip and it work works fine for months then the ip hardware crashes and I change the dns to point to another ip the wiz107sr will continue to try to connect to the old ip even if
dns has been known to be updated. the only way to get the wiz board to act right is to program the server ip in statically
let it connect then put the dns url back in and it works. I don’t want to have to touch all the boxes in the field if I am trying to change my connection address. Have you seen this activity before?


Hi, Russ.
How to assign IP addresses?
if your products(+WIZ107SR) are in one site and shared network, using router with DHCP server is the good ways.
The DHCP server will assign IP addresses and DNS address to each WIZ107SR board automatically so there is no need for a complicated networking setup.

If not, there is a method of using a public IP address.
you can search the module on remote site using TCP unicast search(using our configuration tool).
It should be noted that for access to the remote site, you have to assign the public IP address to each module.

If not both, It is estimated that each needs to be updated.