Setting WIZ550io as Server or client

Dear Wiznet Team,
Our team tried your product (WIZ550io) and tested it by using AX1 Loopback Test Program on OS Windows that has been provided by your company.

From our experiment, we can set this WIZ550io either as Client or as server,
perfectly with your AX1 Loopback test program and some combination of C compiler.

Anyway is there any other way to set WIZ550io as client or as server with other software or method?


As you know, WIZ550io doesn’t include the MCU.
If Wiz550io and MCU are connected by SPI communication, you can write code to control W5500 using iolibrary provided by us.
At this time, the selection of TCP Server and TCP Client can be set according to the value of the Sn_MR and Sn_CR register.

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Thank you for your response.