W5300 doesn't work

I have designed my board with W5300 that worked with FPGA Spartan 6. I draw schematic as like as reference schematic of W5300, just I used HR911105A RJ45 connector with internal transformer of HANRUN company, instead of RJ45 Connector of reference “RD1-125BAG1A”. I draw my PCB with all details refer to documents of W5300.
My problems are:
1.When I attached W5300 it consume 220mA that I think it isn’t normal, Also W300 will be warm.

2.As you see in the Schematic when I remove 3.3VA current drop to 70mA and W5300 will not be warm

3.when I get PING from PC it doesn’t recognize any Ethernet hardware.

4.When I attach cable to RJ45 connector RJ45 LED’s start blinking.

5.I Checked that the schematic and PCB values are compatible specially ON DNP parts, like Pin 1.8vo.they was similar

6.I Checked all power nets again. all of them are OK

7.I Checked Rsens value that was 12.3K.

8.I Checked the clock for 25MHz oscillation. Test Mode are ‘0000’. When Cable is connect to the board crystal doesn’t work!But when I disconnect Cable the Crystal work with 25MHz frequency with 100mV Peak-to-Peak and 0.9 volt DC offset.

9.I checked Link LED when I connect the Cable it will turn on, and ACT LED Start Blinking erratic.

I attached my Schematic,(in the schematic I used crystal and oscillator , but I justed solder crystal)
I am really confused any help would be greatly appreciated .
Ethernet_W5300.PDF (483 KB)

Power dissipation of the W5300 is 180(Typ)~250mA(Max).
And, Here is my commnet about your schematic.
When using oscillator at the internal PHY mode, be sure to use 1.8V level oscillator and connect only to XTLP(Pin 96).
Otherwise, I can’t found any problem.
Please check reset timing if minimum 2uSec after power on.

Hi, Peter,
I don’t use oscillator it is optional but I used 1.8volt for it’s supply voltage.
if all of my schematic is true why it doesn’t work?