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W7500S2E-R1 serial number and MAC resets itself to 11-12-13

Hello, we need an urgent support with this problem:

The problem with this module, hence the Wiznet W7500 chip, is a random and spontaneous reset of the serial number and MAC address to a value that always ends by 11-12-13. This prevents, among other things, the joint operation of the devices in one network due to a conflict of MAC addresses.

For example:
devices with serial numbers
20200219-21a651 and 20200219-21a509
now have the same number 20200219-111213
and the same MAC address 00-08-DC-11-12-13

This was supposed to happen in the event of the device’s power drop-out.

Version fw. is 2.4.

The modules are used in accordance with the documentation and their software has not been tampered with in any way.

Solution, please? How to set the serial number and MAC back to the original value? How to prevent further unwanted changes in future?

We’ve bought about 1000 of these devices so I’m sure I qualify for superior individual support.

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