WIZ752SR-120 it always returns to the factory settings :/


When I was saved the settings for WIZ750SR-120.
The settings will be applied and the module will not automatically reboot.
However if the power supply is disconnected or I click the button reset, module always to the returns factory settings.
Please help me,


Hi, @Tomasz.

What version of the tool did you test?
Please test with the latest version of the configuration tool. (latest version: 0.5.4)

Refer to below links.

Thank you.

Hi, thanks for quick respons :slight_smile:

I was tested for many version tool (0.5.0; 0.5.1; 0.5.2; 0.5.3; 0.5.4).
How many version firmware to WIZ752R-120?


The configuration tool is constantly updated, so it is best to use the latest version. (0.5.4)

The firmware developer is on the business trip, so we will answer the question at next week.

Thank you.

Ok, I will wait for firmware developer.

But, I was updated firmware to:

It was big mistake :frowning:

How I can repair my module WIZ750SR-120.
Thanks for help me,



You should upload the firmware using the W7500 ISP Tool.
And you need a MAC tool to write MAC. WizMACTool_v20151127.zip (7.1 MB)
And you need a binary.WIZ75xSR.bin (71.8 KB)

  1. Connect the tx, rx, and gnd of J2 to the PC using the serial (ttl) to usb converter.

  2. Run the W7500 ISP Tool

  3. With J4 shorted, press the reset button of module.(or power on)

  4. Change the serial port to serial (ttl) to usb converter and click Open button.(You can check it from the port in Device Manager.)

  5. When you are in download mode correctly, you can see “serial open complete” message at the bottom.

  6. In Step 5, select the binary file and click the ISP start button.

  7. Run the MAC Tool

  8. Change the serial port to serial (ttl) to usb converter and click Connect.(Double-click to see the port.)

  9. press the reset button or power on.

  10. If you see “INPUT FIRST MAC?”, click the Write MAC button.

Please try it and let us know the results.