How to enable RS 232 functionality?


I am trying to figure out how I can enable the RS-232 functionality on the WIZ750SR evaluation board and how I can code it. I wish to use it send data via RS-232 to ethernet cable or RS-232 to USB cable to a PC. I’m not currently using the WIZ750 board’s ethernet port but plan to use it in the future if I need to receive data via a local network and pass it through RS-232 cable. I’m fairly new to this board so any suggestion/help would be great! Thank you in advance.

Hi @kgohil,

Do you have the WIZ750SR-232 module and EVB board? Then you can communicate without any extra code work.
Refer to the guide below.

If the device you have is a WIZ750SR-TTL module, only TTL communication is possible.
WIZ750SR-TTL and WIZ750SR-RS232 modules share EVB and use jumpers to change functions.

Use the Configuration Tool to set IP, operation mode, etc. Below is the download link and wiki page.


Yes, I do have the WIZ750SR-232 module and EVB board. I was able to follow the guide you provided and get the functionality I wanted. I was able to send commands such as “MC” using Tera Term for the RS-232 connection and view the mac address on the USB Tera Term connection.

Thank you for that, this is exactly what I wanted to test, but now my question is, how do I program the board to where I can send and receive custom data. For example, if I wanted to create a test program that would output “hello” every couple of seconds through the RS-232 and view it on Tera Term, how would I go about doing that?

Same with receiving data, if I wanted to send “hi” from Tera Term window to the RS -232 connection, how would I code it to where it would check to make sure it is the right command? Any help would be appreciated! Thank you again!

Hi @kgohil,

The firmware of WIZ750SR is open, and to implement custom functions, you need to modify and use it.
Please note that the development environment is based on Keil IDE for ARM (version 5).

For information on setting up the development environment, please refer to the document below.

The Eclipse-based project is also uploaded, but it is an old version and is not currently being updated.
It could be used for implementing simple functions.