W5500 with better pitch?

Hi Support-Team,

is there any change the W5500 will be available in TSSOP or other package with a broader pitch than the current LQFP?

Dear Zick,

Wiznet can make TSSOP package or other package.
Serveral customers want a different type package but it’s not easy for us to support many kind of packages.
If the quantity is big enough, we can support it.


wiznet JC Kim

Unfortunately this doesn’t really make sense to me.
The makers usually need only few chips and buy what’s availably on the market.
Why not make TSSOP the default package and offer custom packaging to corporate customers?

PS: In the latest newsletter you mention “easy-peasy DIY projects”. I don’t think LQFP is that easy-peasy.

I hope I was not to harsh… Please forgive me if I was.

Dear Zick,

I feel bad making you inconvenient.
When it comes to soldering, you’re right, the boarder pitch is the better for DIY customers.
We will consider it seriously.
Thank you for your advice.


I do not much agree with things above.

I consider myself a maker. If I can get my product into quantity production, I would like to have the cheapest (and maybe smaller) IC.
Considering that this IC will need a lot of external (SMD!!) components, the LQFP package in a (professional made) PCB is will OK to solder. Of course it will be hardware if you think to it in a DIY home made PCB board.

As I believe WIZnet will not make profit selling ICs to the DIY makers single projects, I hope they can continue in a business model that can sustain the chip support and future development.

If I can vote, I will vote for a 32 pin LQFP. Right now there are 14 not connect PIN.

that’s nice, thanks too.

Good to hear other opinions.
Of course you need a lot of other (smd) parts. But e.g. between 0402 and 1206 is a “subtle” difference too.
And what about the people that don’t do “quantity production” and etch a PCB (without solder stop) only when they need one?
I’m not a trained electronics designer and looking at the tiny pitch makes me feel I’ll never be able solder it.