WIZ750SR Cannot be found by configuration tool anymore

4 days ago I successfully connected my WIZ750SR to my laptop and configured it to UDP mode using the configuration tool. However when I tried to configure it again today, it cannot be found by the configuration tool. It also does not respond to pings.

I did not change my laptops settings (IP, subnet mask, gateway). The power and ethernet connection is good (red power led is on and rj45 leds are flashing).

How can I fix this?

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Is the Configuration tool showing the device MAC address you’re using when searching for devices?

No it shows 0 devices found for UDP Broadcast and cant establish a connection via TCP

Can you try again after updating the firmware?

How can I update the firmware without being able to connect it to the configuration tool?

First, let’s talk about how to find your device if the configuration tool doesn’t see it.

  • The symptom of not searching in Configuration tool is as follows.
    1. Set the virtual machine(virtual box) to disabled.
    • Control Panel - Network and Sharing Center - You can see the list of networks connected to your PC when you change the adapter settings. From there, set all of your virtual machines to “Disable”.
    • And search again with the configuration tool.
    1. Disable Wi-Fi on your PC.
    • Go to Control Panel - Network and Sharing Center - Change the adapter settings and set Wi-Fi to “Disable”.
    • And search again with the configuration tool.
  • It doesn’t solve search, the workaround is to check the following:
    1. Make sure that the LAN cable is working properly.
    • Check that the LAN cable is defective.
    1. If there is no problem with the LAN cable, connect the product directly to the PC 1:1 and search with the configuration tool.
    • If it is search, check the connected network structure.
    • When testing in a corporate network area, If can block the search IP / Port of the configuration tool in the corporate network system. Please check this part. The configuration tool uses ports 50001 and 50002.
    • If not, check the switch (router).
    • Please check if the router is working.
    • There is a possibility that the LAN port of the router is broken. Please replace it with another router.

Once the device is verified, the tool can update the F/W.