Firmware update from WIZ820io to WIZ850io

Hi there.

Some time ago i have been using WIZ820 on my device, but i wanted to migrate to a WIZ850io. Despite is hardware compatible, i need to update WIZ850io firmware in order to get it working according to datasheet.

I checked out this post regarding that migration, but it wasn’t clear how to correctly configure that firmware. Also, is not clear if the firmware to update is the one embedded into W5500 chip or on my device library.

Thus, i need guidelines to reconfigure my WIZ850io. Any suggestions?

PD: I’m using a github for W5500 library

I just spotted the problem in my code. i was incorrectly defining spiReadBurst and spiWriteBurst callbacks inside reg_wizchip_spiburst_cbfunc().

Finally, API for W5500 on WIZ850io works properly.


Glad to hear it’s working for you.