107sr module connection refused?

When I use 107sr module, I have situations when my program is blocked (intentionally stopped to eliminate
doubts related to program) and some TCP client tries to connect (via Hercules utility), I got info Client connected
and two seconds later, Connection closed. This utility doesn’t provide some detailed info, other then quoted one.
Any hint ?

PS Module is all the time in server mode- info provided by Wiznet config utility

Hello Guy,

WIZ107SR has “Connection Password” function.
If you search your module with WIZ107_108SR Configuration tool, then you can find it on “OPTION” Tab.
When WIZ107SR works in Server mode, it wait for “connection password” from its client within 2 seconds after its connection is established.
If it receives its correct password within that time, it sustains its connection.
Otherwise, it closes its connection.

Thank you.