Manual use 4 chanels relay module W5500

Hi brothers

I have bought a 4 chanels relay module from China, but my supplier can’t send manual user.

That module is a Ethernet module W5500 with a relay module, but i don’t know how to use.

If u have any manual, pls support me.

Thank you so much

Hi, @Hjjn_Ghgcv

Sorry, this module is not WIZnet official product. We also do not have any information about this.

There are lots of companies using W5500 through global distributors.

W5500 needs Micro controller. So you have to find it on this board.
(however, in this picture I could not find any mcu)

And connect LAN cable, to check hardware design with Link LED.

I see a STC 8F2K08S2 on board
Maybe it is MCU

STC 8F2K08S2 is 8051 mcu but I cannot find any interface for program download to it or UART serial pins.

If there are UART pins, you can check the PORT and Debug message from PC.

Did you also check Link LED?

Thank for your support!

After search on internet, i found a use guide from a buyer through link LAN Ethernet RJ45 TCP/IP WEB Remote Control Board with 4 Channels Relay UDP W5500 Networking Controller - Price history & Review | AliExpress Seller - Digital Precise macy Store |


I connect LAN cable, and use Hercules Setup utility to send hex command to it in UDP mode but sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

When ping by cmd: ping, the connection is OK, PC can connect to board.

I don’t know the problem is Flash in MCU or W5500.

Good to know finding the guide.
I am not sure this board hw designed with WIZnet reference W5500 hardware guide.
And, maybe if MCU(8051) runs slowly to handle data, you need to wait the operation time.
Only the guide, it is hard to know how to run the application inside the mcu.
Could you send udp packet with delay?