How to order BS-R250210 SMD MAGJACK?

I am able to find this BS-R250210 magjack on the Korean site but can’t find it in the English site. Can I order these jacks?, I just need 20 or so for W5500 prototypes initially. I am based in Australia.
[url]위즈네트 쇼핑몰 / WIZnet Online Mall

Hi, peter.

You can see MAGJACK we recommend.

So, you can use RB1-125BAG1A.

And if you want to buy BS-R250120, contact WIZnet Hon kong branch.

Send e-mail to him.


Unfortunately I can’t really use a through-hole part and I really need the SMD magjack to keep it compact. It seems that this magjack that was used on the WIZ820io with the W5200 should be suitable, but then again, that’s why we do prototypes :slight_smile: Unless you know something that I don’t, in which case you could tell me why it wouldn’t be suitable and save me the time and money testing.

I will contact kitwan, thank you.

So I guess WIZnet aren’t happy to sell my this part at all. I’ve waited all week and not had a reply from kitwan. Guess I will have to go elsewhere.

Oh, I’m sorry.

I had a mistake. or is really address.
Not <>.

I’m really sorry.

[quote=“hjjeon0608”]Oh, I’m sorry.

I had a mistake. or is really address.
Not <>.

I’m really sorry.[/quote]

Okay, I will try again but in the meantime I have found another suitable smd magjack that is readily available (w/o 3K MOQ and 8 weeks lead-time!). I’ve also found a way to use through-hole magjacks by leadforming the 8 pins and through-hole mounting the others as normal and I’ve managed to redo a pcb design with it, although I prefer the smd version. If I can use the WIZnet part then good but I know I can get hundreds of these ARJE-0034 off-the-shelf at a good price for my initial prototypes and preproduction.

All these designs have been completed including the CPU modules with both the Propeller chip and a Cortex M4 version too which should be very fast and with the extra memory it means I could leave one socket in IPRAW. Som extra I/O have been brought out to half-holes on the CPU module edge so the module is still footprint compatible with the WIZ810io but far more flexible.