W7500P S2e chip is not working.link problem.

I developed a board to use W7500P S2E chip which is preinstalled S2E feature.
But it isn’t connected to network.
When I debug the w7500 S2E F/W in Keil IDE, it shows Link never been successful.
After phy_ini(), the link() doesn’t return return success.

I am using W7500 with PHY IC in different board at the same network, it works fine.
How to check PHY link is up and running correctly.
I have erased the chip whole and programmed it by ULINK2 in Keil.
I have 4 boards which uses the W7500P S2E preprogrammed.
But none of them has been successful in link.

How to check the W7500P internal PHY is up and running ?
How to resolve this situation ?

W7500-S2E 기반으로 커스텀 PCB를 제작하셨다면 W7500 관련 회로도부터 검토 해드리겠습니다.
본 포럼에 PDF로 업로드 부탁드립니다.

Thanks. Please find the attached schematic of W7500p part.
The RJ45 jack is the one I am using with W7500 and DM8603.
w7500p.pdf (399.4 KB)

W7500P-S2E requires the use of the WIZ750SR schematic.
But your schematic is very different from the WIZ750SR schematic.

  1. Add ISET resister(6.19K) on W7500P 32pin
  2. DNP R61,R62,R63,R64,C71,C73
  3. Move LINK_LED net pin28 → pin23
  4. Add HW_TRIG(EN AT mode) on pin 28
  5. Add 232/485 Select pin on pin 11
    pull-up is 485 Pull down is 232/TTL
  6. Add serial 0Ω on MDI line.
    This may be needed for EMC debugging in the future.
  7. Make sure Y3 is 12Mhz.

Thanks for your comment.
I found out I missed the connection ISET to GND through 4K7.
I will try put it on and get the result soon.
Thanks again for your comment.