my wiz750sr-ttl module wont connect when i use a different computer

i was able to connect to the wiz750sr-ttl on one computer (someone who was using this computer previously had already downloaded the software on it so i didnt set it up) but when i tried to connect it to another computer i wasnt able to find the module. the first computer was windows and the second is linux. i downloaded the source code for the configuration tool onto the linux computer and still wasnt able to find the module. i was wondering if there is something else that needs to be downloaded for the module to be found? or if theres something that needs to be done in order to make it work?

hello, can you ping the module’s IP from the Ubuntu PC?

Sorry for the late reply.
Unfortunately, we do not support the configuration tool on Linux.
You can configure and use a Windows 10 environment with a virtual machine in Ubuntu.

i used windows 10 to configure the the module and it worked when i connected to it on the computer i configured it on but when i plug it in to any other computer i cant connect to it

could there be a firewall issue or something?, i also tried to ping it but it doesnt seem to be getting a response

can you tell me how to organize the network below?

  • first pc(connect well)'s IP ?
  • second pc(not connect)'s IP ?
  • module’s IP ?

and what did you use to check it was connected? (ex. Hercules…)

I am using the python socket library to connect to the ethernet module.

is there a format that the IP addresses need to be in for them to be able to talk to each other? i am curious as to what information would be gained from knowing the IP addresses?

It was to make sure that the IP address was matched in the same band.

  • Regarding ip setting of PC, you can check it as below.
    Change the PC’s IP network settings to Static and perform a Ping test:
  1. Open Control Panel, go to “Network and Sharing Center - Change adapter settings - Local Area Connection - Properties - Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”, check the option “Use the following IP address”.
  2. Set the IP address to, Subnet Mask to, and Default Gateway to Click “OK” to confirm. (If your module’s IP is 192.168.11.XXX)
  3. Check Ping to module is success.
  • Regarding the firewall, you can check it as below.
    Control Panel - Windows Defender Firewall - Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off - Turn off private and public network firewalls

does it being matched in the same band mean that they are both TCP/IPv4?

and do you by chance know how to do the same process but with linux?

im quite new with this whole thing so forgive my amateurish question, but how do you know if a IP is matched in the same band that i could look for?

As a example, module’s ip is and PC_1’s ip is PC_2’s ip is
module ↔ PC_1 will work
module ↔ PC_2 will not work. (PC_2 have to config as 192.168.11.XX)