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WIZ107SR-TTL not recognized by configuration tool

Hi, I am trying to setup my Wiz107SR-TTL adapter, however, the configuration tool will not recognize that it is plugged in.
I have the adapter powered via 3.3v, and connected with an RJ45 Ethernet cable. Is there something I’m missing? The red led is lit when powered.
The lights on the rj 45 mag jack are not turning on either. I have tried powering the active low pins (nReset, HW_Trig), but it still wont link. Also, I have turned off windows firewall.

The product number on the board reads WIZ107sr and does not have the -TTL included, is this normal?


I was powering the board using the usb port on my laptop and a voltage divider (from 5 to 3.3 volts). USB ports are capable of supplying 500mA and this board required 250mA. So I thought I was safe - but when I used a variable power supply it started working. Anyone know why that is?


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