W7500P Chip does not appear to be working

We just received our boards which are based on the reference design. When the board is powered up, the chip has power and ground on the correct pins. However, the indicator LEDs do not get pulled low and the UART0 does not respond. The two clock pins are operative, so we assume the chip is properly powered. We found a posting that reports the W7500P is shipped without firmware, is this true?

If so, where can we find the correct firmware to make the chip operate similar to the WIZ750SR Rev1.2 development board? Can you tell me from the information below if the chip is empty?

The chip has the following markings:

Hello Bill,

You can find the Firmware below:

There are different order numbers of W7500P, you can also order it preprogrammed as „ W7500P-S2E“