Disable Wifi


I would like to know if I can (and how to) disable and reenable the wifi on the Wiz610wi using the serial command set. I have tried using the command which returns . Unfortunately the wifi signal is still present and I can connect to the AP and pass data. I have restarted the unit after sending the command and that does not work either



Hello Jasenharris

As I know, there is no command to disable WiFi in WIZ610wi.

Even GP command can’t disable WiFi perfectly.



WIZ610wi can’t disable Wi-Fi using serial command and web configuration.
But there is expedient to disable Wi-Fi on WIZ610wi. If WIZ610wi change the operation mode to Client using command, WIZ610 will be off the AP signal because it will be changed to Client mode.

It is expedient method, So It needs your judge.

Thank you.


Are there any other work arounds available? What I really need to do is to completely disable the tx signal so that It can’t be seen by any other rf receiver. When the device is in client mode but not connected, does the wifi transmit a signal or is it in passive scanning mode?



Hello Jasenharris

As I know, there is no work-around way.

Sorry for that.