I have Wiz610wi. Using standard module settings I can not connect UART to WIFI. WIFI connection to the UART is hassle-free. I use WIZARD programs and terminal device. What do I do wrong? I also tried different settings but no change.

Dear michci

Thanks for your interest in WIZ610wi.

I have a question about this problem.

Do you have WIZ610wi-EVB? If you have it, connect LAN cable between your PC and WIZ610wi-EVB.
And then click the “Find Device” button after start WIZARD program. If it is well, you can find WIZ610wi’s IP Address.
Using this IP address, you can access configuration web page of WIZ610wi and you can change setting.

If you can’t use serial command, you have to check H/W CMD switch option in configuration web page of WIZ610wi.

  • H/W CMD switch option’s Path : Serial Setting → Data Packing Condition → H/W CMD Switch.

It must set enable in order to use serial command.

Thank you.

Thank you for your response. The module I am connecting via Wi-Fi. Using the standard settings H / W CMD switch is always on. Unfortunately I do not have WIZ610wi-EVB. How can I change the firmware? It is now v1.2.5. As I wrote a Wi-Fi → UART is correct. UART connectivity → Wi-Fi does not work. UART data arrive correctly in the module. I use WIZARD program so it should not be a problem.
Through the program WIZARD unite with the module without problem. The connection of the module to a computer is good too. By sending the UART data get answer <0> (tab CONSOLE). By sending the data via Wi-Fi should receive a response ? By sending the data via Wi-Fi get the answer UART .

Dear michci

I think that this problem is because of the hardware trigger pin(H/W CMD switch).
If you want to send serial command like or to WIZ610wi, you have to set H/W trigger pin to LOW.
But If you want to send data to other device, you have to set H/W trigger pin to HIGH.

Please check this point.

Thank you for the tip. I thought that it is a H / W CMD software on the Web page module. It works well now.
Best Regards.