[From QnA] WIZ145SR pinout

I’m looking at the WIZ145SR module, and I’m confused by the connector orientation.

We’ve used the WIZ220IO module before, so I’ve got one in my hand. The connectors are mounted on the back side of the board, and pin 1 on each of the connectors is oriented as I would expect for a header. Looking at pictures of the WIZ145SR, however, shows the pin 1 orientation of the dual-row connector to be opposite that of the dual row connectors on the WIZ220IO. Now I’m not sure how to pin out the mating connector on my board.

Where is pin 1 on the dual row connector on the WIZ145SR? What signal is on that pin?


Dear customer,
Thanks for your interest in Wiz145sr.
You’re right. The dual-row connector of wiz145sr are different of the wiz220io.
Please refer to as below.

pin1 of J1 is used as 3.3V Power.