WIZ550io with mbed


I’m trying to use WIZ550io with mbed (developer.mbed.org/components/WIZ550io/) and it seems that I have purchased the board version 1.0 and not 1.1.
Is there a pinout difference between the two versions?

Also, I was able to match the pins, according to this page (wizwiki.net/wiki/doku.php?id=pro … o:allpages) but I couldn’t figure out where to connect WIZ550io’s pins RDY (2) and INTn (5).
To what type of pins should I connect them? Digital/Analog in?



And regarding the second question, not even when connecting the board to an Arduino?

on versions can not tell you anything I’ve worked on a 1.1.
INTn is the output pin driven by interrupts and that is set as the duration from the register

INTLEVEL (Low Level Timer Interrupt Register) [R / W] [0x0013 - 0x0014] [0x0000] 

and as event from

IR (Interrupt Register) [R / W] [0x0015] [0x00] 
IMR (Interrupt Mask Register) [R / W] [0x0016] [0x00] 

You can find out how to use this pin on the datasheet W5500 starting on page 35.

RDY is an output and is high after a reset and indicates when the device is ready.
Normally a pending 1000/1200 mSec from reset allows you to avoid using an MPU pin to see this state.

To connect to Aduino serve signals MISO, MOSI, SCK, RST and SS while on where to connect depends on libraries since they can use both D10/D12 that the central 6-pin ICSP connector. I have made a shield for a home-made MPU PIC ( [url]http://www.firewing.info/pmwiki.php?n=FirewingUser.W5500[/url]) using the same pin-out of the Arduino and D10/D12 signals version but the software would not know.

Thanks, but I connected pins MISO, MOSI, SCK, RST and SS to the corresponding Nucleo pins.
It’s the INT and RDY that I don’t know where to connect.

As I wrote in the first post are both outputs.

  • If the hardware does not use interrupt INT is not needed so take a look at the library if uses iterrupts ( normally if will be set registers that I said in the previous post).
  • RDY high occur when the W5500 is ready, but if you wait to give SPI commands a couple of seconds after the reset then this pin is not needed ( so take a look at the library uses and see if they using a ready pin high condition to work )


There is no difference of pins between Version 1.1 and 1.0 .
You don’t care of it.