Write outport with TCP


Two questions:
-1-Have you an exemple of TCP adressage (Visual Basic 6) of WIZ220 for write digital or A/N data ports
I can to read data with TCP but not write data …
I have follow the frame format describe in user manual, but nothing change (module is in v 1.2 of Firmware)
The source (VB6) of Config Tool is only UDP adressage and it i can do it on UDP … but no with TCP
is it possible to have a TCP source writing the out ports ?

-2- WIZ220 is obsolet; is there a new module compatible with the 2x20 pin connector of Wiz220 Test Board (and application circuits i have made) ?


Hi Gilles.

  1. WIZ220io’s Data sending protocol and receiving protocol are little diffrent. Please re-check the protocol formats. And please update to the firmware version 1.3.

  2. No. but We have new Web-server built in module - WIZ550web. It supports cconfigurable 16-digital I/O and 4-analog inputs. WIZ550web provides an easy way to develop the I/O control & monitor applications.

Please refer to below product link (GitHub page):

Is the wiz550web able to control I/O state by UDP like it does wiz220io ? by the manual doc there is only tcp/ip access (?), or is it possible to reprogram it for UDP transmission/control ?