DNS Server IP Address

Hello all

I need to use

  • this command act as DNS client

Everything is OK when I connect to my network via command
AT+WNET=1 (AT command for setting DHCP client)

and after successfull joining the wifi I can use AT+FDNS as described

But when I connect to network via static IP address as following example
AT+WNET=0,,, (AT command for setting
Static IP address)

and join to the wifi network, everytime I use AT+FDNS command I receive ERROR.

I suppose the device miss IP address of DNS server and I don’t know how to set it. The device knows only IP, mask and gateway but miss DNS server IP address

Is there any workaround for this?

Hi oyoyoy

You can use <AT+WADNS> command to add DNS server.

Please, refer to the below link.

That’s it!
Thank you very much!