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WIZ550io and Arduino UNO R3 interrupt line

When used with Arduino UNO R3, does the WIZ550io use the “INTn” line (pin 36 on the Wiznet 5500, pin 7 on the Arduino UNO R3)? I need to know because I can’t get an ioShield_A right away, so I hardwired the WIZ550io to the UNO R3, and I would like to free up pin 7 on the UNO R3 if possible. The ioSHield_A schematic shows the INTn line connected through to pin 7.


ioShield_A v1.1 can be disable(not connect) N_RDY & N_INT output pin, but ioSheild_A v1.0 can not.

If you have ioShieldA v1.0, You’d better cut the N_RDY & N_INT output pins of HEADER pins.

ioShield_A v1.1 schematic will be posted on http://www.wizwiki.net/wiki ASSP.

Thank you.

To clarify, the N_RDY & N_INT output pins are not required for use with Arduino UNO R3?

As I know, Arduino ethernet library doesn’t use interrupt method. So, You don’t care the N_INT pin and you can remove it.

But, N_RDY pin just is for notifying the complete of network configuration built in WIZ550io. You can removal the N_RDY but you wait until network configuration is completed. It takes 500ms after reset WIZ550io.

Thank you.

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