WIZ5500io and microcontroller


I’m newbie in Wiznet module W5500io.

I would like connect W5500io with microcontroller Atmega328. But I don’t know how connect.
Connect just SPI pins and power pins? I don’t know if connect must be too RDY, RSTn and INTn.

And second question, I have no idea, how communicate with module over SPI. I would like use Ethernet library and projects from Arduino on my microncontroller and my breadboard.

Thanks for reply.


You can test wiz820io just to connect 4PIN SPN & Power. Others as RDY, RSTn, INTn is not connected but this pin are useful to expert users.

RDY pin means READY to network configuration.
RSTn pin means RESET. If you want, you can control to RSTn.
INTn pin means INTERRUPT. If you used with arduino library, it is no needed.

Arduino Library is referred to [url]https://github.com/Wiznet/WIZ_Ethernet_Library[/url]

Thank you.