[From QnA] WIZ110SR Reset factory default

Hi, I’ve some problem with WIZ110SR. It seems lost settings and I cannot reach with Configuration Tool. It was set with static IP and without serial confuguration enabled. How can I reset it to factory default? I’ve read about jump pin J1 to J3 but it doesn’t work. Please tell me something about.
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Dear customer,
Thanks for your interest in wiz110sr.
When SW1 value set up ‘0’, It operate as factory reset.
Why are J1 connected to the J3 like that?

For reference

I have configured over 200 of the Wiz110sr STEs.
I have several that have decided to do whatever they wanted after using them for a period of time. Some, all the settings change others the versions changes. A few, when I set to DHCP they went bad. Settings all changed.
Some I can change the settings back to the way I want them and then click on settings. Get out of Wiznet then get back to Wiznet click on Search and nothing comes up. Remove the power and power back up.
Click on search and it is back to the way it was when I started. No good. Did not save anything.
If my version changed for some reason. I can upload it again but it does not actually load into the STE.
Will a factory reset get me back to were it was when it was new. Or am I just out of luck?

Can not set the value via configuration tool?
WIZ110SR reset the values to factory value itself?
If yes, You need to request RMA.
Please contact seller. They will guide RMA process.

PS: New firmware version(5.10) will release soon. I guess It will be fine.

Hello there, this is my very first post here.

Sorry for resurrecting this old thread, Although I don’t have (yet) the need of resetting my module, I should be prepared for his event, looking a the above attached photo, the area marked in white is labelled “SW1” with two solder pads, those pads is there where I need to short while power cycle the module for restoring the factory defaults?

A suggestion to the manual makers: I have the user manuals version 1.0 and 2.1.0 and as far as I can see, there is no mentions on how do the factory reset procedure. I think this procedure should be documented in the user manual.

Another suggestion to the configuration tool software makers: Would be handy to have a “Factory reset” button somewhere in the program.

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Hello yv1hx,
Thanks for your suggestion!
We will try actively to apply your suggestion in future versions.
Thanks again!

Hi, I have a network with 600 wiz110sr installed working as TCP Client, and at this moment I would need to be able to reboot them remotely. Is there a command that can be sent via UDP or TCP to a certain port that will cause the 110sr to reboot?
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