W7500P 100 Mbit problem

I try to make my own small pcb remote task device with w7500p. Schematic was made based reference schematic and wizwiki-w7500p schematic.
Situation is that after ethernet cable insertion led0 & led3 starts blink in aprox 1s breaks (seems to be autonetotiation) and it finish with link led only. I assume that is only 10 Mbit. Difference is also at power up. With Wizwiki-w7500 there is no led0 & led3 blink at startup but with my pcb I have some blink of this leds. I attached schematic.
The difference is in rj45 sockets I used.
I my case it is:
image.micros.com.pl/_dane_te … 14genl.pdf
I suppose that there shouldn’t be any blinks at power up and led0 & led3 should be activated after plug in.
I’ve checked regin/regout voltage is approx 1.1V. I check without inductors but just blinks are shorter.
Iset resistor is 6.2k. (should be adjusted for my rj45 socket?)
In may pcb case after few seconds after rf45 cable plug in when link led is activated continously communication works ok. Ping with ~2ms, http example code works.
What can I check more?
I’ve no idea what could be a problem;(
main.pdf (23.3 KB)

I’ve checked also with this:
tme.eu/pl/Document/565d1603e … L1T39J.pdf
but with the same results;(

I’m not sure if you have already but with the new board you’ve designed with the W7500P chip have you tried debugging your program through an isp header? Or do you even have this option on your board? I also saw that you went from a W7500 eval board to a W7500P with phy built in. Did you make sure to do #define W7500 in your main.c file? If you didn’t or had forgotten you will not be able to link phy properly. I had a similar issue where my W7500P chip wasn’t properly soldered onto the pads and after reflowing the chip the board began to work properly. The only way I figured this out was through debugging so I could see exactly where the code was getting caught up. There’s a while loop inside the link() function that will continue indefinitely if it fails to link the phy. I would start by making sure it does in fact link.

I have to say that I use sample code from library for W7500P without debugging this.
I just believed that code sould work properly and I concentrate only on link issue.
I will check with debugger…

In the meantime I attach pcb and schematic. Maybe there is problem I can’t find.
Please review and comment.
I will check with debugger but I think that it will be not easy becouse finally PHY is initiated.
For me problem is connected with autonegotiation. I don’t know if it will be possiblem to detect.
But I hope;)
main_sch.pdf (23.7 KB)
main_pcb.pdf (35.5 KB)


Is the 57-00013QL11-1 RJ45 connector the one you used? The exact same one they use in the schematics? I didn’t see the part# in your schematics.


Long time but… :wink:
I finish my project with STM32 and W5500.

BTW would be nice to finish with W7500P too;)

This is not 57-00013QL11-1 RJ45 connector in my current pcb.
There is LPJ0514GENL.

It is suitable for that?