WIZ105SR HW_Trigger


I am testing with our unit and WIZ105SR. This module is working good with our unit. however, my question is why HW_trigger is always high. The hw_trigger should have two status in different condition. How to use this pin properly? I also what to know the function of reset, thanks

Dear samvjt

/HW_TRIGGER pin is for Input. If you have a “Test Board for WIZ105SR”, you can enter the serial command mode by /HW_TRIGGER switch control.
Refer to User Manual.

What does the function of reset mean?
You can use /RESET HW pin.(Input)
If you mean SW reset, you can use Serial command.
But I have found a problem in command. I will investigate that.


Serial command issue was a side effect.
I fixed the problem.
Refer to attached file.

FW version will be update.

wiz105sr_0513_test_20160128.zip (19.6 KB)

Hello Jim,

Thank you for helping me. However, i dont have the WIZ105SR-EVB for test. I only test with WIZ105SR. I try to connect both RS-232 and this module same time by connecting Tx and Rx. Unfortunately, it only allow me connect one at a time. so I am trying to figure out the HW_trigger should be a enable or disable button for the module to break the connection.

The hardware trigger i am talking about is in WIZ105SR(pin 8)