Wiznet 110SR not communicating to Serial Device

I have just recently installed a Wiznet 110SR , I have configured the device properly via IP configuration and the device pings succesfully to the Wiznet using the ping function on the configuration file. I also tested the com port on my pc using the terminal app and the communications responds with all the details about 1p address firmware version etc.

But on the config tool the message says “not connected”. I am not sure why when both ping response is positive and on the terminal I can see the results of each time I press setting all the details are displayed in terminal Response screen from the com3 port of my PC both Ethernet to router and RS232 Com3 is connected to pc.

Please advise why the configuration tool still says “Not Connected”?

Further more I have switched from PC com port to the com port of the other device which is a GE NX8e Security system board which I am successfully using via RS232 to USB adapter to the home automation controller.

the GE board is configured for 9600 baud. I configured the WiZ 100SR with same 9600 baud, 8, N,1. I also connected the Wiz110SR to the DB9 serial port of the GE system via a null modem adapter between GE port and Wiznet Port. Ping from configuration tools get positive response from router that 110SR is responding to the IP address

The configuration tool says Not Connected. I am an not sure why this is the case… As in the case of the USB to Serial adapter the GE system communicates successfully as well when the 110SR is connected to PC I get serial communications as well.


Dear dinochronos

Please check FW version(5.13) and Configuration version(3.0.2)
Refer to [url]http://www.wiznet.co.kr/product-item/wiz110sr/[/url]

You have to press Search button after communication connection.
Refer to the attached files.